Diary of a cloth nappy family – The Holiday

As I’ve said before, we use cloth nappies on our baby, full time, since he was 3 days old. But last weekend we went on holiday to a place without a laundry. So no cloth for us. What follows is an amusing take on things we did not expect…

We’re going on holiday, and not taking our cloth nappies. No drama, we have a whole box of Huggies that had been gifted to us with a cheerful “they won’t fit him for a long time, but they’ll be there when you need them.”


The day before we leave:

So that we come home to all clean nappies, let’s do today in our Huggies, and wash all the cloth. Great idea!

First nappy of the day…

Hmm. This seems a bit small. Maybe I’m just not used to them.

I ask my ever-supportive group of mum friends and discover that, yes, they are too small. Possibly two sizes too small. Hmm. Guess we’ll have to go out and buy some. Better not get too many… Just enough for the trip.


How do we hold this baby?! His butt is tiny! Where’s the handle!?

We work it out.

The day we leave:

The nappy bag is a lot less bulky, the suitcase has the other nappies and wipes (we usually use cloth wipes). It is nice that nappies don’t take up the bulk of our carry-on.

First night on holiday:

We anxiously check nappy throughout the night. The last thing we need is a leaking nappy, a wet sleeping bag and sheets… Yay for bedsharing!

Second day of holiday:

Gee it’s convenient to not have to wash all the nappies.

He’s starting to get some red dots. We keep our eye on it. We also feel that we can take UNLIMITED nappies in our day pack, and we’re changing less frequently. Gee that’s nice.

Third day of holiday:

Bathroom bin is starting to smell like poopie nappies. Jonah empties the bin. Nice one!

Baby hasn’t leaked or poo-namied. Success!

Fourth day of holiday:

Late in the night we discover that there are 4 nappies left. 4. One day in cloth sees 6-7 nappies used. We debate… Do we buy more nappies (requiring an extra trip into town) only to use one or two, and then have to take them home with us? Do we pray and hope that we survive? Do we make some substitute nappies with burp cloths just in case?

Fifth day on holiday:

We decide to hope. Into our day pack go the last 3 nappies, and the remaining wipes in our dispenser. The rest of the wipes go in the suitcases.

We count the hours… How to maximise our chance of making it back home without a) a horrible leaky mess and b) feeling like terrible, neglectful parents and c) a grumpy uncomfortable baby.

We board the first plane with one nappy left in the bag, and no spare clothes. We don’t even consider the wipes.

Baby sleeps all flight! Phew.

We reach the second airport… We can feel the weight of the nappy increasing.

We eat dinner and use a wipe to wash our hands. Our plane starts boarding. Time to use the emergency nappy. As it turns out… It was also the very.last.wipe. THE LAST WIPE.

We board the plane with apprehension in our breath. No nappies left, no wipes… No backup plan.

Baby sleeps for the whole trip AGAIN! Phew.

We reach the airport… Home is still over an hour away.

We reach home, with a nappy ready to explode at a moment’s notice. We reach for the familiarity of the night nappy; its layers creating ample holding space.

Ahhhh. Here’s my cloth bum baby handle.

Back to reality.


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