Diary of a Cloth Nappy Family 4 – Christmas Part 2

So this is Christmas, and Day 6 of our first extended holiday using cloth nappies, and marginal EC. Get up to speed in Part 1 here.

Day 6: Wednesday

It’s Christmas! So this is Christmas, and what have you done?

Our baby: two poops, none in the potty, and far too many nappy wees to accommodate the number of nappies his parents brought.

Christmas Day was not-quite-but-almost overwhelming. Busy, busy, busy, with people, people, people. For some context, here is this year’s family photo:

All this, in one house for the majority of the day. It’s a big celebration, with a lot of cheer, creative flare, and excitement. EC was not happening for us and our baby truly did prefer to be crawling around putting questionable items in his mouth over nappy changes.

The blessing of Christmas for us? Scrounging $1 coins for the washing machine. I swear, my husband had all of his aunts and his mother engaged in a coin-swap extravaganza…and he somehow came away with a profit!

Cheers to Aunty Alana for sacrificing her trolley coin.

Christmas Day also brought with it a very grubby baby who enjoyed playing with a hose in our feeble attempts to clean him. Check out that cutie-pie nappy cover!

Back to the cabin we landed, with wetbag bursting at the seams (not really, they’re good quality) and the knowledge that we contributed very little to landfill today (more on this to come). Into bed we climbed. Exhausted but content, reflecting on my amazing front-yard cricket skills – I mean, thinking about nappies?

Day 7: Thursday

Early morning Jonah took the spoils of yesterday’s treasure hunt to the laundry, with a keen determination to get those nappies sparkly clean.

Boy, oh boy, he did. Possibly the whitest I have ever seen them, hanging in the sun ready to blind the wildlife.

“I used napisan in the handwash”

Yea you did, you gun! 😎

I mean, I never thought that at 26 I would get excited about a man using napisan to prewash wash nappies by hand, but this is where the chips have fallen.

Day 8: Friday

Another day, another disposable nappy at night, and 6 cloth nappies in the daytime. Seamless day, really.

Day 9: Saturday

It’s the last day of the interstate side of the holiday. Early morning we put in another nappy load and trott of to Park Run!

Somehow we managed to get nappies washed, a 5km walk (or run for Jonah), everything packed into our cabin, and the cabin clean and tidy before 10am. This is surprising as Jonah lost around 15 minutes in the laundry picking up the cleaned nappies… Communal laundries, as it turns out, are great places for impromptu conversations! We packed the car to the soundtrack of Jonah telling me all about that lady he just met in the laundry. She sounds cool.

We headed off to Saturday family lunch (a repeat of Christmas Day) with a car-load of supplies, and a bag of washed but-not-yet dry nappies.

But lo, we are family. And family means “dry your nappies at our place while 40-something people are here for lunch”. Problem solved.

After lunch we bundled our little man into a disposable nappy for the trip, and headed off on our second leg.

Of course he needed a change halfway. Of course we didn’t bring anything for the disposable nappy to sit in while we drove. Little known fact: cloth nappies don’t stink the car out with fresh wee.

Day 10: Sunday

How perfect. We have timed the second part of our trip to mean no nappy washing.

Day 11: Monday. Home time.

Today I did 5 loads of washing, including 1 nappy load. In the heat, 3 loads were dry before hanging out the rest. Nappies were literally no trouble at all.

So there you have it, folks. Holidays with cloth nappies. There were certainly enriching moments, as well as challenging moments, but 10/10 would do again.


One thought on “Diary of a Cloth Nappy Family 4 – Christmas Part 2

  1. Brought back memories Elf, cloth nappies only when our kids were born. Just love being taken back 40 years. And congratulations on doing your part for the environment. Happy New year to you both, May your joy be as deep as the ocean, and your troubles as light as it’s foam. πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ


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