Garden update

Hello! Long time no see. Has life been so incredibly boring that I’ve had nothing to write about? Absolutely not. As my husband’s boss likes to say, we’re living in “unprecedented times” (this is now the catchphrase of our household). So of course there has been stuff to write about, to think about, and to share. But the first trimester yuckies hit us hard and Jonah’s working night shift, so the adults are playing “nap-tag” while the one year old (I know right) is playing “nap avoid”. There hasn’t been the brain space for writing! But the fog is lifting, and the long weekend has brought with it a rejuvenating busy-ness.

You may recall that earlier in the year I was delighted and oh so proud of our efforts to get our garden started! Well alas, things did not go to plan.

Here we have Marvin and Rey guarding our zucchini and pumpkin patch. They did a great job; no bugs beset them during their lifetime. However, the humidity caused by the shade cloth necessary for keeping the house from becoming a furnace unfortunately resulted in an uncontrollable spread of powdery mildew. While I delighted in the abundance of flowers, I quickly realised there were no female flowers, no pollination, and no potential for fruit.

After this realisation I decided it was a waste of water, time, and my limited energy to continue caring for them. They were removed, along with the cucumber, rockmelon, and snow peas.

We resolved to start (almost) fresh, and to keep it simple while avoiding messing with the clay soil. After several weeks of umming and ahhing, we finally had organic loam delivered to fill up our remaining raised beds. 1.2 tonne which Jonah dutifully shovelled into the yard in under an hour. Easter Sunday came and in a fit of energy I decided to distribute the loam between our beds…in my pyjamas.

I shoveled from one garden bed to the others. I would pay for this decision in a matter of hours in the form of hip and back pain. Ooooooooops

Oh my goodness it felt good to get something done!! Beds fresh and ready for planting, motivation fresh and ready for work, body ready for action after some serious rest.

Into these bad boys I sowed silverbeet, kale, beetroot, and radish. As well as using some of the leftover soil to fill pots for parsley, lemongrass, thyme, and spinach.

It’s important to have a win when gardening, it’s so easy to lose motivation when your plants are always dying! So I stuck to what I know; I’ve had success growing silverbeet before, I am successfully growing spinach, re-growing store bought spring onions, and watching tomato plants climb.

The wildcards in my patch are the beets (limited success in the past), radish, kale, capsicum, basil and lemongrass. But with a small win under my belt, I feel equipped!

My first harvest (not including spring onion clippings) involved baby spinach. It was delicious, crisp, and satisfying, completing my “breakfast for lunch” feast. Reuben was less impressed… Apparently leaves are only delicious if they’re not the edible kind.

And to really experiment, I picked up a pack of sprouts! Basically just a mixture of seeds that taste good as sprouts, and can be harvested in as little as 4 days. I’m on day 3 and they’re not looking very sprouty, but I’ll post an update when they do!

Day 1 of kitchen sprout experiments!

I hope you’re staying safe and sane during these unprecedented times. We’re enjoying getting our hands dirty, our minds clearer, and our days slower. Let me know what you’re doing to keep things fresh and simple, I’d love to hear!


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