Iso Garden

First up, this post may make it seem like our time in isolation/social distancing/whatever you want to call it has been calm, productive, and regenerating. That’s not really the case; some days have been really hard, we miss our friends, our families, our church. But we have been doing something.

In my last post (find it here) I promised some updates. Part of my isolation response has been a loss of motivation, so while I’ve been saying to myself and my husband “I’m going to do that blog post”, most of the time I end up watching Minecraft or gardening videos on YouTube instead. But here it is! Read on for some expected results, and some very unexpected results as well.

First up, our Easter Sunday seeds have delivered!

From top to bottom: first radish sprout leaves to finally producing mature leaves!

The first to germinate and poke their adorable little leaves through the soil were the radish (side note, I’d love it if the plural for radish was radee). Seeing that first little green and reddish purple baby pop on through, I felt so proud! 😍

Next we saw the delight of kale and silverbeet popping through. Silverbeet is my “I have grown this before” confidence crop, so I am excited to see it. As you can probably see above, the wonderful (and free) garden bed I acquired from my local Buy Nothing Group needed some minor DIY fix-it work with whatever I had on hand.

Marvin the garden gnome is safely out of toddler-reach after a devastating accident from which he is yet to recover, but we have hope. There will be glue and possibly a defibrillator involved.

Small pots of spinach, thyme, lemongrass, and parsley are also producing seedlings which I will transplant once they’re strong enough. We are waiting patiently on the beetroot to pluck up the courage to make an appearance, but again we have hope.

Unfortunately, my kitchen sprout experiment did not go… As planned. Check it out here.

Basically, the promised 4-7 day harvest time came and went, and while you can see seeds starting to germinate, there wasn’t much happening. I decided to chuck them into the toddler garden bed so I didn’t have to look at my failure anymore. Well, duh Elf; they’re seeds.

We now have a delightful forest of broccoli, radish and silverbeet growing in a huddled mess in the corner of a garden bed used for playtime (and to save the little seedlings from destruction). Not quite dense enough for microgreens, and far too dense to make a genuine plot out of, I’ve harvested a small amount of the greens for a stir-fry and the rest will… Go with the flow I guess.

We have been blessed with a week of rain, and now wonderful sunny skies. Our now one year old has just this week learned how to use a watering can, and is harder than ever to keep off of the garden beds. When I thought about my garden layout, this was not the “climber” I had in mind! Seeing all this progress since Easter does fill my heart with gratitude and my soul with awe. I feel some of the weight of isolation and regrets of the last few weeks lift. It is always inspiring to see creation walk its path in its own time. I can water, I can weed, and I can add compost but I can’t make those seeds germinate faster, I can’t rip up radishes from the ground before they’re formed, and I can’t control what the weather and the pandemic is going to do to our plans.

In fear of making this post far too long and repetitive, I will keep the BEST unexpected turn of garden events until next time. Subscribe if you haven’t so that you don’t miss the thrilling story of how some lazy worms gave me a gift.

A mysterious gift! Can you guess what it is?

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