Right on time

It’s been a little while since my last post, I apologise.

I thought myself around in circles on how to write this post; do I make it a Diary of a Cloth Nappy Family Post, do I make it a funny anecdote, do I completely avoid any announcement and cloak the news in slice of life posts…do I… Do I… Do I…?

I’ve decided to can formalities and simply share our exciting and happy, happy news.

Two weeks ago we welcomed our newest family member, Esther, into the world.

Esther was born uninterrupted at home intentionally; not by accident, and not under duress. We asked for help when we felt we needed it and it was a wonderful time of bonding and healing for our family.

Esther was born 12 days after her estimated due date, a date I knew without a doubt would not be anywhere near her time of arrival. This knowledge didn’t make the waiting any easier, though. As the “due date” came and went, I began to wonder irrationally if I would EVER have this baby. How long would I wait before accepting an induction? How would I know when I’d had enough? The trauma of my last “overdue” induction weighed on our minds with the pressure building at each checkup.

41 and a half weeks pregnant I set to gardening, to both take my mind off of the due date anxiety, and in the hope that gardening posture would encourage good baby positioning. We planted zucchini, pumpkin, cucumber, strawberries, corn, and herbs. Once they were in, I moved onto transplanting my mature leafy greens from raised beds into the ground. We weeded, mowed, watered, fertilised, and mulched.

I had help, of course. My little garden assistant is always eager to help in the dirt!

Unfortunately the plants have not made it through this 2 weeks postpartum as well as I have. They have wilted, most of the seedlings in the ground have died, and the greens are being devoured by what I suspect are some very hungry birds. 2 weeks on and we will soon be preparing the soil again and giving it a second attempt. I’m willing to do less of the grunt work this time!

12 days after my baby’s estimated due date, a new version of myself was born. 2 weeks on and I still can’t describe how I’m different, I just know that I am. Perhaps it is the combination of the last few months of unexpected trials and learning to let go with this new birthing experience. I don’t think it matters greatly, just to know I’m different is enough for now as I learn how to love this new person and bring her into the fold of our family.

Is our family complete? I don’t know, it’s too early to tell. But with the arrival of a new baby girl, it’s no longer just me and the chickens. Esther Naomi Elizabeth joined our family, named for three fierce, wise, and compassionate women. She joined our family right on time, and we are completely in love.


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