Diary of a Cloth Nappy Family 8 – and then there were two!

Our darling little Esther is two months old now, and from the 12th hour of her being in the fresh air, she has been exclusively wearing teeny tiny adorable cloth nappies.

She wore two disposable nappies, one on arrival to our local hospital, and one before transferring to the nearby maternity hospital. I winced as the nurse put a nappy on her a mere 2 hours after her birth, and then inwardly groaned as she used three disposable wipes to wipe meconium. Those wipes will never see another day, and along with those nappies the hospitals provided, will sit in landfill basically forever.Her first cloth nappy was put on as soon as we arrived at the maternity hospital, and her first wee and poos were caught in the potty the next day. Because we use a combination of Elimination Communication (responding to your baby’s communications by providing them somewhere appropriate to wee and poo) and cloth nappies, our washing for Esther is a bit topsy turvy. Some days we catch all wees and poos in the potty and have virtually no nappies to wash, and other days we miss every single one and are changing nappies every half an hour.

So how has our cloth nappy life changed since welcoming cloth bum #2? Hardly at all. We still do our daily prewash cycle, and our nappy main wash every 2 days, and manage to always have access to dry clean nappies no matter which bum needs them or when. Some days this nappy comes from the line or the washing basket, and some days there’s overflowing dry nappies ready for use in the storage.

A little known benefit of being a cloth nappy parent is that if you happen to have a reflux baby, you already have an abundance of spit cloths laying around; with good washing, a flat nappy doubles as a burp cloth, a rag for cleaning up baby vom from the floor, and shoving in your bra overnight to catch the overflow! Half of the nappies we wash these days are actually used for burping!

The bigger our #2 cloth bum gets, the easier our routine getsThe bigger our cloth bum #2 gets, the easier our nappy cycles get. If we’ve had an off-day with the EC and run low on newborn nappies, just a few clicks and Reuben’s nappies are downsized for her. Absolutely NO running to the shop for nappies at the last minute. If we run low on Reuben’s…well, we never seem to run out of Reuben nappies. But if we did, we have reached the point in our cloth nappy lives that any absorbent material can be a nappy.

As my baby grows out of newborn nappies, and my first baby grows out of needing nappies entirely (more on this to come), my only regret is that I didn’t get a photo of all 2 days worth of their nappies and my postpartum cloth sanitary pads hanging side by side in the clothesline. I guess something’s gotta get forgotten in the first few weeks postpartum, and it may as well have been photo evidence of the jobs worth doing.


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