More than 20 minutes

Today, for the first time in weeks, my children napped simultaneously. Maybe, just maybe they will sleep for more than 30 minutes. Maybe they will sleep for an hour! And maybe today we will throwback to several months ago when they slept for 2 hours! I looked around the house at all the things I could accomplish, knowing I’d probably only have 20 minutes.

I rubbed my wrist, sore from an injury inflamed by carrying a wriggling baby. I looked at my weekly planner and saw no jobs allocated for this time. This sweet 11am – 1pm block is dedicated to “lunch and naps”. I rubbed my wrist again, jolting my memory, my commitments to

Check in with yourself. Ask your body what it wants right now…

It turns out my body wanted to eat hummus and corn chips at a clean table. So I wiped the remnants of lunch away, chucked the dishes in the sink, and (very quietly) opened myself a brand new packet of tortilla chips and a clearance price tub of hummus.

I enjoyed that 5 minutes. Because by the time I had decided what my body wanted, cleared off the table and chucked ingredients for chicken curry in the slow cooker, all I had left was 5 minutes with my hummus.

Sometimes 5 minutes to catch our breath and respond to a desire of our own bodies is all we need to reset and greet the muffled teething cry with a delicate “aw baby it’s okay, mama’s here.”

Fast dipping fingers are hard to catch in a good photo!

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