Just a tease of spring

At 8:15am we stepped out of the house to feed the chooks, into sunshine! Glorious sunshine raining down on the backyard. A brilliant blue sky overhead and my body let out a sigh. Mornings are so much easier with clear skies and the warmth of an almost-spring-sun. 

The morning sun and mild air caused me to realise that it’s August, and that means Winter is nearly finished. Cold mornings are nearly gone, nappies drying inside under the heater are nearly done for the year, and frost killing my struggling seedlings is almost behind me.

This year has been a dry winter for us. (Not that I noticed…the local farmers have been saying it all season.) But even without torrential rain, winter is a depressing season. Shorter days, less sunlight, less vitamin D, less mental health benefits of natural light and communion with nature. This teaser for spring has my spirits lifting, my hopes for a spring garden untempered by the fact that I am not prepared for spring plantings.

There are lots of things I love about winter; hockey season, the perfect weather to cuddle babies, and of course splashing in puddles. But as seasons come and go, so too do our daily lives ebb and flow. I look forward to spending more time in the garden, to trips to the local pool, not waiting a week for a good day to bring in the washing..

I prepare to say goodbye to winter and reflect on my less-than-successful winter garden. The winter angle of the sun threw the garden into the shade of a monstrous gumtree from the neighbours yard, and my plants have been sluggish as a result. We have just harvested broccoli, cabbages are still trying really hard to produce heads, and the snow peas have…well…they tried. One of the most frustrating parts of renting is that the whole backyard is in full sun except for the garden beds. If it were my backyard I would rip up grass and lay my beds in the sun.

When I realised the problem with shade, I made a little container garden in a slightly more sunny corner, too little too late I’m afraid. It’s well primed for the spring and summer months. A great spot for our strawberries and potatoes!

I guess this gardening thing really is a learning curve! I’ve been inspired by many gardeners whom I read or watch on YouTube in that there’s always something to learn, some curve ball thrown your way whether it’s a pest or nutrient issue. It’s not just newbies!

So here we stand, in the space between seasons. Not yet spring, but no longer the depths of winter blues. Before rushing from season to season, creation takes some breaths. We are here right now, in the present. Stop planning the next season, stop rushing about to prepare the next thing we’re doing. Take a breath before micromanaging our lives. Take a leaf out of creations book and just be for a while. Sit in the now, the in-between, and rest before throwing yourself into the next thing.

Take some breaths; spring is not yet here, and winter is not quite done. There is much on the horizon but we are not there yet.

I pray we can all take some breaths in this transition time before the busyness of life once again swoops us up and into new ventures. Emerge from our winter dens rested and ready for the delight that is spring only after having said a proper thank you and farewell to winter.


2 thoughts on “Just a tease of spring

  1. Loving your reflections on the seasons, the curve balls, the highs and lows as well as delights and challenges of gardening, and the gorgeous shots of the kids (especially E eating dirt to build up her natural immunity and R delighting in splashing in the water). That broccoli specimen was excellent!! Well done.


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