A picture is never the whole picture

Homemade pizza, made with the family!
Kids made their own homemade pizza today! Homemade dough, sauce, and they picked the toppings themselves.
Homemade pizza to last a week of lunches

#homemade #familytime #slowliving

So many hashtags could go with these pictures.

Yes, the pizza was delicious. Yes, it filled our freezer and sent Jonah away to a work trip with lunches prepared. Yes, it helped to warm up the house on a cold day.

On the same day I baked 24 muffins and a cake.

On the same day Jonah was sick in bed and both kids had snotty noses so we had to unexpectedly stay home from Church that day and dancing the night before.

On that same day I didn’t change out of my pyjamas until 8:30pm when I got into the shower and then changed into fresh pyjamas.

On the same day of family fun making homemade pizzas, the kids ate their pizzas watching Winnie the Pooh so that I could make the other 7 pizzas.

It was a good day despite the sickness, and I’m absolutely thrilled about the little ones making their own pizzas from kneading and rolling out dough.

But if I posted these pictures with perfect captions about #familyfun or #happinessishomemade, anyone looking at them could easily convince themselves that I managed to make 8 homemade pizzas plus supervise two children 3 and under making their own pizzas, as well as go about the rest of my Instagram perfect day with no screentime, having not skipped church, gotten my usual dose of vitamin D straight from sunlight, consumed no less than 8 cups of water and no more than 1 caffeinated beverage, and naturally, changed out of my pyjamas before breakfast like any normally functioning adult. That’s just how carefully curated pictures (and social media posts) work; there’s always something left out.

Next time you’re scrolling on social media or reading a blog post describing a perfect day that you can’t possibly have because you’re a mere mortal human, try to remember what the picture DOESN’T show.

You are enough.


One thought on “A picture is never the whole picture

  1. Thanks Elf, for the great post. Very validating of my experiences as a newer mum. I just live in PJs and each day has good parts and challenges.


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