Self care sometimes

I’m coming to understand self-care with a new nuance. It’s easy to get caught up in self-care as a routine; many mummy bloggers profess a self care routine of waking up at 5am before the kids to do “me time”, without which they don’t function. I try to fit myself into those styles of self-care. I make commitments to get up earlier than everyone else…and all it does is make me tired and MORE grumpy. Maybe self-care for me is more about listening to what my body, mind, spirit, wants and needs in the moment…and honouring that. We can’t always manifest what our bodies want in the moment, but we can honour it.

Sometimes, self-care is scheduling time with a babysitter to attend an online tutorial without toddlers underfoot.

Sometimes, self-care is staying up late to play basketball with friends.

Sometimes, self-care is going to bed early with a book.

Sometimes, self-care is a well timed drive at bedtime.

Sometimes self-care is throwing all the to-do lists out the window to play with my kids in the first sunshine we’ve had for weeks!

Sometimes, self-care is choosing to make myself a yummy lunch. Instead of eating a cold sausage because it’s quick and easy, self-care today means listening to my mind and body fantasizing about an open grilled chicken, tomato and cheese sandwich on my home made sourdough bread. I’m so glad today is sometimes.


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