Not just house guests!

Welcome back! It is with great excitement that I announce the expansion of our little family. Exactly one week ago we welcomed Hilda, Darla, Queenie, and Kate to their new home, affectionately dubbed The Chicken Taj Mahal made of backyard junk!

Our first 24 hours were filled with tension. The dog was beside himself, the toddler wanted the “ducks” to hurry up and come out to play, and I wanted my new ladies to love me (being the only females in my house besides me). When they failed to emerge after their necessary 18 hour lock-in, we went for a walk to the local wetlands to quench our feathery thirst. (Obviously Patch didn’t get to eat any though).

I attempted to use my profesh skillz to get a video or time-lapse of the ladies emerging but unfortunately all I captured was a deeply upset toddler and a pregnant woman in her pyjamas. It’s pretty amusing nonetheless!

Eventually they emerged! And slowly over the week we have named them according to their level of speckledness, with whatever name popped into our heads at the time.

Left to right: Kate, Darla, Queenie, and Hilda.

Over the course of the last week we have discovered they are not yet comfortable enough to lay, they prefer the nesting box to the roost for sleeping (despite the ideal design requirements being met meticulously in construction…obviously), and although still quite easily spooked, they are encouraged by our presence to pop out of their coop and scratch around in the run. Social butterflies!

Reuben has also learned that they are not ducks! He has added “chook” to his vocabulary, and now gets to decide everytime he sees a bird flying overhead, whether it will be a “duck” or a “chook”. So much choice!

I love them, we’re all excited for the sight of that first egg, and although quite stressed about their presence, our little doggo is improving with treats and training.

We’re well on our way to the suburban homestead. Stay with us to see how far we get in the direction of self sufficiency; 4 chickens down, countless possibilities ahead!

What a view!

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