The ups and downs of the first 6 weeks.

Baby number 2 has been in our arms for 6 weeks now, and I can hardly believe how quickly she’s grown and become part of the family. For the first time I’m experiencing typical newborn exhaustion; Reuben slept solidly as a newborn, and Esther is sleeping like a typical newborn. Once you add a less typical reflux baby, a typical toddler, and starting a new life in a new town, we realise it’s appropriate to show ourselves a little more grace.

It’s so frustrating how much our lives revolve around sleep; how little or how much we get, when we get it, how to set ourselves up for a good night, structuring our days around what’s going to be easiest. Long story short, I’ve been too tired to write, seeking out rest at every opportunity, often fruitlessly. As I upload this post, Esther is in my arms in her typical cycle of snooze, burp, vomit, snooze, and we have Bob the Builder on in the background for us to get through an afternoon after a less-than-successful naptime.

I’ve heard it said that a picture says a thousand words. So, failing words, yet wanting to upload something, please enjoy this pictorial of the last 6 weeks; the highs and the lows.

Disclaimer: there is a severe lack of photo evidence of mama, toddler, and baby all crying at once, all covered in baby vomit. Didn’t think to pull out the phone on those occasions!

EC going terribly wrong, or terribly right.
Reuben, the big brother who has a dangerous urge to pick up and cuddle Esther
A few sweet moments of calm…but not long enough for a mama nap.
Who wouldn’t fall in love with those eyes!?
We braved a couple of trips to our nearest city centres.
Feeling strong carrying two outside kiddos for the first time.
A blurry way of showing that not all things are cute and sweet. Despite his choices, Reuben did NOT want to be eating yogurt off of the floor.
Cuddly koala big brother…the sweetest sight and most impractical way for him to want to fall asleep.
“Esther doesn’t need a helmet!!”
Seeking taller branches to safely hang baubles from.
Thank God for the calming effect of outside on all living beings. 😍

Thanks for making it this far! As a reward, here is a time-lapse demonstrating how having two babies makes every task take 1 bazillion times longer if not properly prepared.

Note to self: next time, babywear. Both if possible.

Catch you next time for a new series of posts with more words!



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